California State Grange Center for Agricultural Arts

The Grange Farm School aims to "educate the whole farmer" in sustainable practices. Through a comprehensive dafa curriculum covering crop and livestock production, business and marketing skills, industrial arts and a focus on ecological restoration, this unique program is designed to train the next generation in responsible and sustainable food production. We have an ongoing workshop series for local farmers and gardeners as well as a Practicum Student Program for those seeking hands-on learning opportunities with classwork and field experience.

The School was founded with generous support from the California State Grange, which started up the California State Grange Center for Agricultural Arts at Ridgewood Ranch in 2013.  To build this working farm from scratch, community organizations, students, and volunteers have dedicated much time and effort to create the foundation for this program.

We look forward to the collaborations made possible by creating this space. Please navigate our pages and photos to learn more about the exciting Training Programs, Workshops, and Ways to Contribute in the development of this new project.   

Our sincere thanks go to Ridgewood Ranch and the Golden Rule Association for hosting us on their beautiful 5,000 acre ranch in Willits, CA.

The Grange Farm School operates under North Coast Opportunities, a local non-profit agency dedicated to strengthening and supporting community projects for the last 45 years.

Farmer Training



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