About Us

About Grangefarmschool.org

Grangefarmschool.org is a food blog dedicated to helping home cooks prepare delicious, fuss-free meals for themselves and their families. Run by longtime food writer and recipe developer Bethany, the site offers a treasure trove of recipes, cooking tips, kitchen hacks, and practical advice for the home cook.

With hundreds of recipes covering everything from weeknight dinners to holiday feasts, Grangefarmschool.org has something for cooks of all levels and interests. Recipes run the gamut from easy one-pot meals and sheet pan dinners to more involved dishes like braised short ribs and homemade pizza. The site also offers a wide range of global cuisines, from Italian pastas and Indian curries to Mexican tacos and Chinese stir fries.

About Grangefarmschool.org

In addition to recipes, Grangefarmschool.org provides plenty of other kitchen wisdom. You’ll find tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, food storage, and more. Equipment reviews help cooks outfit their kitchens wisely. Ingredient guides offer buying and prep advice. Step-by-step tutorials teach essential cooking techniques. There are even handy charts for cooking times, measurement conversions, and substitutions.

With its inviting, reader-friendly tone and wealth of practical advice, Grangefarmschool.org aims to demystify cooking and get readers excited about being in the kitchen. The site’s photography shows each dish in an appetizing yet approachable way. The recipes are thoroughly tested to ensure success and ease. And the tips help cooks work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned chef, Grangefarmschool.org is an invaluable resource for making everyday cooking fun and fulfilling.

About Bethany

Bethany is a passionate home cook and food blogger based in San Francisco. After working as a marketing manager for years, she decided to leave her corporate job to pursue her true passion – food and cooking.

In 2016, Bethany launched her food blog Grangefarmschool.org to share her recipes and kitchen tips with the world. Her blog features simple, delicious recipes made with everyday ingredients, along with food photography and styling tips.

Bethany focuses on creating approachable recipes for home cooks. She shares easy weeknight dinners, meal prep ideas, baking recipes, and seasonal dishes. Her specialty is creating recipes that are family-friendly and kid-approved.

In addition to recipes, Bethany’s blog also features kitchen product reviews, food travel guides, and lifestyle content. She aims to create a warm, inviting space for home cooks looking for approachable, tasty recipes.